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Corset Dresses: How To Rock The Regency-core Trend In 2022

Thanks to Bridgerton, one of the steamiest American period dramas, fashion enthusiasts (including us!) got a much-needed shot in the arm for their wardrobe renewal.

While we’re smitten with Bridgerton’s plotline and characters (ahem, the soft and sweet Daphne), the embellished flared dresses have our hearts, too. In fact, those costumes became so popular that they inspired a new fashion trend known as “Regency-core.” It is nothing but a return to elevated, royal attire: think of corset dresses and gowns.

Yes, you got it right! The vintage extravagance is back, but this time with a new twist. Corset dresses in 2022 have taken sexy and flexible (thankfully, less painful) shapes, making up the perfect choice for wedding and formal occasions. 

So, whether you want to channel your inner Bridgerton’s character or simply ooze your oomph, you’ll find some wow-worthy corset pieces in designer collections in 2022. But before you head on to buy *one* for your wardrobe, here are some of the tips you need to consider!

  1. Make Sure The Dress Flatters Your Body Type

No doubt, corsets are universally flattering, but the silhouette and style of the dress are also important.

While choosing the corset bodice dress for a gala evening, ensure that its style is flattering to your body type. For example, If you are plus size, an a-line lace corset outfit is a great pick. On the other hand, if you have an hourglass shape, a form-fitting mermaid or trumpet shape dress will speak volumes.

Besides, the dress’s neckline also plays a great role in accentuating your body shape. You should look for the one that suits you the most. 

  1. Buy The Dress With Built-in Cups

Most classy corset dresses have built-in cups, meaning you don’t have to wear a bra unless you want to add some extra support to your big bust (or extra volume in case of small bust). 

If your corset evening gown doesn’t have cups, it is always a better idea to ask a professional seamstress to sew them in. Or, you may pick the right bra to deal with the situation. Pushup bra and adhesive bra are two of the possible ideal lingerie options to accentuate the appeal of your corset outfit.

  1. Don’t Tie The Dress Too Much

If it’s your first time wearing a low-back corset dress to prom or a wedding, you’ll probably want to tie the dress tightly to achieve a secure fit. But IT’S NOT what you think! Instead, you’ll end up feeling squeezed into the dress.

When dolling up in a corset gown, it is always suggested to lace up and knot the back properly: not too tight, not too loose. You will want to feel both beautiful and comfortable on your big day, after all! 

  1. Ask For Help When Putting On A Corset Dress

Indeed, corset evening dresses are charming, but putting on the one isn’t a cinch. So, you’ll need someone who can help you adjust the bodice and tie the dress. 

Pro Tip: To get rid of nervousness on the day of an important event, it is good to decide beforehand who will help you dress up. It can be your mother, sister, or your girlfriend. 

Look At Your Chicest In A Corset Dress!

Inspired by the Regency-core trend, corset dresses appear in a plethora of styles, including strapless versions, tank sleeves, and long sleeves. Whatever be your choice, they are sure to make your regal fantasies come true. 

So, wait no more and invest in the flattering corset gown or dress to flaunt your chicest side on the special occasion. 

Dress Up & Celebrate The Royal Woman Inside You!

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