Commercial Citric Acid

Commercial Citric Acid | Frequently Asked Questions With Answers

Every time we chew lemons, limes, or other citrus fruits, we indirectly consume citric acid. The citric acid is full of numerous benefits, if consumed in the right amount. Talking about commercial citric acid, it is produced for commercial purposes like preserving the texture of edibles, enhancing citrus flavor in citrus based beverages etc. Commercial citric acid is always recommended to be bulk purchased. This is because when you buy citric acid in bulk, you get guaranteed quality along with quantity. Also, the cost for bulk purchase is visibly lower than buying it in small quantities.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about commercial citric acid along with their answers. Make sure you go through each of them before buying citric acid in bulk.

How is Citric Acid produced? What is the difference between commercial and organic citric acid production?

There is a big difference between the production of certified organic citric acid and commercial citric acid. The organic citric acid is a natural and weak organic acid, found in citrus fruits and is produced by nature. On the other hand, commercial citric acid is the one that we consume in candies, canned food, beverages etc. It is also used in making cleaning products and medications. All of these citric acid products are made when the chemical citric acid is produced through fermentation of a fungus. It is a low cost method that helps in bulk production of citric acid.

Earlier, most of the countries yield citric acid from citrus fruits and vegetables. But during the 1990s, when the demand for the citric acid increased, manufacturers started finding other methods of production. And it was then that they found out how strains of fungi and aspergillus niger can be used to produce commercial forms of citric acid.

The fermentation of fungi for producing commercial citric acid was cheap, widely available and easy to carry out. Today, around 90% of citric acid production falls into the commercial category. Though we still have 10% of organic, fruit derived citric acid. But the demand for commercial citric acid is a lot more than organic.

What is the use of Commercial Citric Acid?

Commercial citric acid is used in making beverages, formulating cleaning products, conserving food and other pharmaceutical preparations.

Today, liquid citric acid food grade is in huge demand. There are industries that use commercial citric acid in many foods as preservative, due to its acidic pH value. The pH of citric acid unables the growth of bacteria in the edibles. Commercial citric acid is also used in making soaps and determengest as citric acid has the ability to soften water like no other. Talking about the usage of commercial citric acid as a preservative, it helps to adjust the acid base balance and this is why citric acid is always in demand.

If you are willing to purchase citric acid for use in the edibles, you must definitely go for food grade citric acid. Though there are many other grades available in the market like industrial grade but they are not suitable for use in food. 

What size and grade should I buy for Citric Acid?

As mentioned above, citric acid comes in various grades like anhydrous (without water). This is the complete dry and powdered version of citric acid that is recommended for most applicants. But if you wish to use it for pharmaceutical applications, go for monohydrate grade. 
In any case, buying citric acid in bulk will always cost you much less than buying in less quantity. Depending on your requirement and preferences, get a custom quote for your citric acid purchase from a renowned citric acid seller today.

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