Get ready for the Best Bridal Spray Tanning Oklahoma City

Get Ready For The Best Bridal Spray Tanning Oklahoma City

Getting ready for other’s wedding gets hectic at times, imagine the rush on your own! Every girl wants to have that beautiful and one-in-a-million type of bride looks which is why they start to plan and prepare in advance. Talking about preparations, now that, spray tan is one of the most famous and trending styles especially amongst women these days, so is the bridal spray tan look. 

A spray tan is a beautiful thing that gives your skin a very exotic look yet also changes your look completely! However, there are some things you should definitely keep in mind when planning for bridal spray tan especially if you want the best results. 

Here goes your preparations list:

  • A week before the wedding, begin exfoliating your skin and waxing. Wait 24 hours before waxing and applying any self-tan to ensure the hair follicles have settled, resulting in a flawless finish. 


  • Experiment with various colors ahead of time. In the end, it’s entirely up to you how dark you want it to be.


  • For the jaw-dropping results, use only one skilled spray tanning application. Extra sessions aren’t needed to build up color. Skin sheds naturally every ten days, so all you’d have to do in between is add a light self-tan at home to keep the color and improve it.


  • When applying your booster at home, use moisturizer as a barrier for just your elbows, knees, palms, feet, crease in the thumb, back of the heel, along the hairline, and any extreme dry areas. 

  • If you need to lighten a dark spot, use baby oil. To get the most out of the exfoliation, leave it on for ten minutes. Scrub the dark spots, then use a hot, moist washcloth to buff the skin.


  • On the day of your wedding, please use your favorite moisturizer no tanner! You shouldn’t need it if your tan was done correctly. This would also prevent any staining from last-minute tanning on your gown.


  • Ladies! Please make sure that chemical exfoliants and oil-based products should be completely avoided. To prevent the exfoliant from removing your spray tan, skip these for at least 24 hours before spray tanning. Oil-based materials are also off-limits. The oil acts as a barrier, preventing the tanning solution from penetrating your skin.


  • All set to go for your appointment? But wait what are you wearing exactly? When going to your appointment, wear loose-fitting clothing and comfortable shoes. Spray tans don’t leave you with tan lines unless you immediately put on a tight bra, strappy top, or other form-fitting dress after your appointment.
  • At least eight hours before your meeting, take a shower. When it comes to having the best spray tan performance, eight hours seems to be the magic number. The skin has time to re-establish its pH balance after a shower while still reaping the benefits of exfoliation.

It is important to keep these points in mind to achieve the best results! Wishing best results to women reading this who chose spray tanning Oklahoma city out there! 

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