Anxiety Breathing Tool

Anxiety Breathing Tool Calm Anxious Thoughts

The anxiety breathing tool is designed to help people calm their anxious thoughts. Anxiety is a hurdle to living life to the fullest. These days, people practice meditation and yoga to have better control over their emotions. But with a busy lifestyle, it’s hard to take out time for meditation & yoga. Here, this essential device plays a vital role as it doesn’t consume much time. The introduction of the breathing tool promotes a strong mindset & will, which is hard to break in worst scenarios. The tool creates the 528 hz vibration that revitalizes our mind, body & soul, and one starts feeling the calming vibes. 

Dark Sides of Anxiety 

➤Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

GAD is the situation where one feels anxious almost every day. The mental state is not in good condition. Here, one may go through an imbalance in the brain chemicals essential for stabilizing mood. The situation occurs due to past violence or any kind of abuse.

➤Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

OCD makes the person obsessive and may lead to long hours of distressful thinking. This occurs when someone feels forced to do the things or occurs naturally in their habits. Here, one is generally rude throughout the time or gets frequent mood swings. 

➤Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD occurs due to a stressful period one may have a walkthrough in their life. For instance, being in a war zone, a tragic accident, or incident due to a natural disaster, etc. The disorder is not a healthy choice to spend an entire life. 


This kind of anxiety many children experience due to excessive fear of a creature, place, or event, such as bees, heights, darkness, tight spaces, fire, and much more. 

➤Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are irrational and heightened anxiety periods. The attack becomes worse when it neglects physical symptoms such as breathing issues, sweating, cold hands & feet, etc. 

Anxiety Attack on Respiratory System 

Anxious people feel unable to breathe, or in other words, respiratory problems start increasing due to anxiety. When practicing meditation, the focus on breathing is more as breathing tells our conscious mind about what state we are living. When everything is normal, our breathing is effective, and vice versa when highly stressed. 

Practicing inhaling and exhaling in yoga also plays heed to breathing. The deep breath procedure improves our respiratory problems and supplies adequate blood to all parts of the body. A breathing tool for anxiety is created for a meaningful purpose. The device supports our central nervous system and avoids the symptoms of dizziness, tingling, or numbness in the hands or feet, etc. 


Anxiety can worsen the symptoms of Asthma conditions if overlooked timely. It’s recommended to treat the anxiety symptoms as early as possible. The breathing tool is one of the ideal practices to prevent stress, fear, and disruptive mood. The device connects the breath with the 528hz frequency sound that removes negativities. Plus, one can carry the device everywhere and use it whenever one may feel troubled or worried. 

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