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All You Need to Know About NDIS Meal Preparation and Delivery

Preparing and serving healthy and nutritious meals three times a day is not easy, especially for people who are living with a disability or caring for a disabled person. That is why NDIS provides funds to many NDIS participants for meal preparation and delivery. 

If you have unfortunately acquired a disability and find it difficult to cook your meals, you can also opt for an NDIS plan. However, how are NDIS meals prepared? How do NDIS meal providers work? From where do they get the funds for every meal? Although every individual can have a different experience and eligibility criteria for NDIS meals, we have tried to answer all the questions that people look for to clarify how NDIS meal preparation and delivery works.

What is included in NDIS funding?

What is included in your NDIS meal plan delivery and how much fund each participant will get will depend on the type of disability you acquire. For instance, if your disability doesn’t allow you to shop for food ingredients and prepare meals for yourself, the NDIS will consider it reasonable and necessary. Therefore, they will fund meal preparation and delivery at your doorstep. The NDIS will also provide funds if you run a shortage of time to shop or cook your meals due to your caretaker and their allocated time. And if you can shop or cook food for yourself, the NDIS won’t include meal preparation and delivery.

Where are meal preparation and delivery features in my NDIS plan?

Meal preparation and delivery are covered under the core support of your NDIS meal. Core support comes under the category of Assistance with daily living. Your funds will usually be flexible with the core support – it is up to how you and your carer use the core support budget. You can use the funds to get any kind of support categorized under the support category as long as it meets the NDIS eligibility criteria.

Does NDIS provide funds for ingredients?

The NDIS doesn’t fund the ingredients of any meals as they are considered basic expenses. Every meal requires some ingredients. So, NDIS won’t fund the ingredients, regardless of the type of disability you have. NDIS will only cover the meal preparation and delivery costs to your doorstep. So, if you have to pay the amount for the ingredients used in the meal preparation. However, NDIS meal providers offer the NDIS meals at affordable prices without compromising on the quality. What makes NDIS meal providers provide everyone with high-quality meals is that they buy the food ingredients in bulk, saving some money on ingredients.

Is it necessary to opt for only registered NDIS meal providers?

Yes, it is always recommended to buy meals from registered NDIS meal preparation and delivery services. NDIS registered meal providers know what can and can’t be funded by NDIS and how to compensate the invoice as per the strict NDIS rules.

While you can opt for unregistered providers too, they won’t be able to break the costs of ingredients used in your meals accurately as per the NDIS rules and regulations. And if they don’t invoice accurately, chances are NDIS will reject the NDIS, and you have to pay the full amount for meal preparation and delivery.

So, it is always recommended to buy meals for registered NDIS meal providers like A Life Plus (A+). For more information, explore the website here: https://alifeplus.com.au/collections/ndis-meal-delivery-approved-food-service-provider.

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