5 Tips For Choosing A Sports Bra

If you play sports, you need to be careful not only with the choice of sportswear and shoes, but also with your underwear, especially the bra. 

A sports bra is not only a beautiful accessory, but also a necessity that allows you to preserve the beauty and health of a woman’s breasts. Since women’s breasts are mostly fatty tissue, without proper support during sports, they can lose firmness and stretch so it is recommended to wear high neck sports bra. Sportswear protects against irritation, the growth of microorganisms and prevents unpleasant odors. 

Why Do You Need a Sports Bra? 

Sports underwear differs from ordinary underwear not only in its cut- instead of two thin straps, it is equipped with wide straps criss-crossing on the back, but also in the materials used for its manufacture. 

In fact, a black sports bra is an ultra-short top in which the chest is tightly pressed to the body, but not overtightened. 

Breast Fixation: 

For any physical exercise, especially those involving a large range of motion by the body, the chest must be securely fixed. 

This is due to the fact that the mammary glands themselves consist of adipose and glandular tissue, and even if these are elastic muscles under them, the chest, due to rhythmic sharp jumps, loses its elasticity, tone and can sag. 

You should not risk the beauty and health of your body, but on the treadmill or during intense group training, we should not think about what the bust will turn into after exertion, but about the lesson. So it is very important to choose a sports bra wisely. 

Here are 5 tips for choosing the best high impact sports bra. First of all, the inscriptions on the labels will help you:

  1. Choose a sports bra that matches your athletic load:

“Weak impact” is cycling, walking on a treadmill, strength training.

“Medium Impact” is skating and skiing.

“Strong Impact” or high support sports bra for running, aerobics and fitness.

  1. Choose a sports bra for comfort and quality:

Moisture Wicking is a bra made of moisture-wicking material. Great for intense workouts.

“Anti-Microbial” – means that the fabric of the bra is impregnated with an antibacterial substance that will prevent unpleasant odors.

“Compression”- is a compression, shaping underwear. This is ideal for those with a large bust.

Off-Set Seams is a bra with no inner seams. It is suitable for sensitive skin, leaves no residue or chafing.

“Molded Cups” – a bra with a molded cup ideal for aerobics or running, does not allow the chest to swing during movement.

  1. The size of the cup should exactly match:

the circumference of your chest: AA – 10 cm; A – 12.5 cm; B – 15 cm; C – 17.5 cm; D – 20 cm; E – 22.5 cm.

  1. When buying a bra, try it on:

 be sure to jump in it as if you are exercising. Make sure the bra fits your breasts well. During active movements, she must remain at rest.

  1. When buying sportswear from a specialist store:

 do not hesitate to contact a sales assistant for help. He will help you choose a bra that will suit you perfectly.

Finally, sports bras wear out very quickly. Try to change them every six months if you are actively exercising. Enjoy your workouts!

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