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5 Golden Tips To Use The Powerful Weapon Of Social Bookmarking For Your Business

Try to remember. Have you ever texted or shoot a mail to your friends with a link, which you believed would be beneficial to them? Irrespective of what the link is about- a job link, a weight-reducing tips site, a Pilates video, or an impressive motivational video- then, you have been a part of social bookmarking. 

Social bookmarking is an incredibly powerful tool for organizing and sharing your personal links in the modern era. But, the catch here is, it is not only limited to that!  It’s also an exemplary way of increasing traffic to your website and interest in your business or brand. Using social bookmarking for your business helps build a network of backlinks to your site and drive the much-needed traffic.  

Okay! I must admit- it definitely took me some time to figure out how to explain this simply to all my readers (I wish someone could have broken down the facts like this to me). In today’s blog post, I will walk you through how and when to use social bookmarking for your business to help you gain a comprehensive idea- to engage the users and bring them to your site frequently. 

What Is Social Bookmarking? A Quick Overview 

If you go through popular tutorials of marketing essay writers, you would understand that social bookmarking can be defined as the process that helps you save and restore online information or web pages. You can use those pages for future reference. Instead of adding web pages to your ‘favorites’ menu in the browser, it is always better to bookmark them through a social bookmarking site. 

As the bookmarks remain online, you can access them from any device and from anywhere, with an internet connection. Apart from storing bookmarks, you also can add tags of your choice or designate bookmarks such as private or public. People who tend to visit social bookmarking sites can also search for resources using specific keywords, popularity, or person and find relevant information that’s been ‘bookmarked’ by others. 

The Importance Of Using Social Bookmarking In A Business 

Popular social bookmarking sites are a brilliant way to spread your brand message. Businesses and companies can create business profiles and participate in this particular community. 

 By sharing content, you can easily create a welcoming presence for your company as well as drive enormous traffic to your websites. A robust social bookmark campaign can also result in leading millions of potential new customers to your website. 

The key idea is pretty simple- to create numerous backlinks to your business website that will both bring new users to your content and boost the search engine ranks. 

Golden Tips To Use Social Bookmarking For Your Business 

As the best marketing essay writers around the world say, social bookmarking is an excessively strong weapon that most businesses can leverage to make their online content more visible and reach a larger audience.  Thus, here I have enlisted below certain top-notch tips for making the most of social bookmarking for your business or brand- 


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  • Create Inspiring And Engaging Content 

Know from the very start, you won’t get very far with social bookmarking if the content you create on your brand website isn’t interesting. Users on sites like Reddit or Pinterest are likely to only share links or visit websites that they find useful, interesting, or amusing. Hence, you should always consider maintaining a blog with interesting and relevant posts. 

Exemplary content is much more vital when you’re speaking of communities of interest who are focused mostly on insightful links. Ensure you are creating stuff people want to read and share! 

  • Select The Right Network 

Social bookmarking is only effective when you are posting the links in the right places at the right time. I will give you an instance, Reddit users tend to appreciate unserious, intriguing, and playful links. So, if you happen to be a legal firm, maybe Reddit isn’t the ideal platform for you. 

On the contrary, Delicious is an extremely popular platform for informal bookmarks. Its users are extremely fond of creating and sharing collections of explanatory links. So, if you are posting blogs or content with that focus, Delicious is the right platform for you. 

A vital thing to remember is that social bookmarking sites are not like searches engines- they consist of users with different interests. Thus, it is always wise to keep the community in mind when you are choosing a social bookmarking site to use. 

  • Tag Efficiently 

The most significant thing about using social bookmarking for your business is tagging your content accurately, so the right users get to see it. Understand each social bookmarking community has its own ‘folksonomy’. So, there exists a specific form of tagging, and comprehending these is crucial for ensuring the right content reaches the right users. 

Example- On Delicious, the most popular tags incorporate topics like technology and long reads. On the other hand, Reddit is a platform for the most consistently popular subreddits and based on funny topics or news. 

  • Expand Your Reach With Paid Ideas 

Often, you would need an extra push, even with brilliant content and strong community interest. There exist some remarkable social bookmarking sites that offer paid spots, which can promote your links over unpaid content. 

Like, StumbleUpon offers ‘paid discovery’, which takes certain randomness out of the browsing experience. Instead, it directs the interested users to your page for a per-click cost. 

Social bookmarking is an exemplary way to develop free and shared backlinks, but paid links are a remarkable way to broaden the marketing strategy of the brand. 

  • Users Hate Spam 

Mark Richardson, my friend and popular SEO essay writer, says your customers can smell a bad marketing pitch from a mile away. So, if you overload a social bookmarking site with low-quality links, your brand or business is bound to suffer from it. 

On Reddit, users are specifically wary of direct marketing efforts. They will usually downvote these links until they can no longer be seen on the website. 

It’s also vital to be organic while using social bookmarking for business and create content that worthwhile content users will want to read and share. Rather than creating content that attempts to sell something. 

4 Popular Social Bookmarking Sites 

  1. Pinterest 

As per statistics acquired from, Pinterest is leading the social bookmarking pack with an estimated 85.5 million unique monthly viewers who Pin or bookmark pictures that lead back to websites. A unique feature with Pinterest is that they collaborate directly with sellers; thus, you can purchase the products you find directly through Pinterest. 

  1. Digg  

Digg is a remarkable news aggregator site that features articles in technology, science, and recent events. With each article, you can like, bookmark or share on social media. Also, you can publish your own articles on Digg to share with the community. 

  1. Medium 

Medium is an online publishing platform and a social bookmarking site where you can publish or save posts to read in the future. Here you can also choose your favorite topics, writers, and publications to personalize your feed. 

  1. is a social bookmarking site that specializes in researching and publishing content for both individuals and businesses. It suggests content for you based on your previous interaction. Further, it also aggregates curated content for you across innumerable WordPress blogs. 

To Conclude, 

Well, that’s all for today! Now, you know what social bookmarking is and ways you can use it to drive traffic to your brand blog. Your business could gain an advantage from adding them to your social media marketing strategy. Check them out, use these foolproof tips, monitor your results, and make sure to evaluate the ROI benefits for your business. Here’s wishing all the luck!

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