4 Tips To Get Your Blockchain Startup Noticed

Blockchain is an evolving technology that caters a specific type of audience. It is a decentralised digital ledger that is also used for financial transactions, authenticating identities, securing title deeds, verifying exchange of stocks and much more.

Blockchain industry is the one with extensive potential. So if you have just started within the same, here are some tips that can help you stand out from the crowd.

Start with a website.

The very first tip to make your blockchain public relations agency noticed is by creating its online presence. In the world of the internet, you might be already aware of the impact that social media creates on the public. Therefore it is extremely essential to let your target audience choose you by giving them a platform to know about you. In order to look like a well established blockchain startup, having a creative and impressive website is important. A nicely designed website adds lots of value to your brand. You should start by having a clear vision, mission and a page that tells everything about your brand and services. Try keeping website design minimal, modern and classy. 

Get established publishers.

To bring your blockchain PR firm in lime light you need someone who can write about your brand and publish it on social media. Of course your being an investor can not spend time in writing about your brand for different social media platforms and magazines. Hence you need someone who is established and experienced to get your work done. If your blockchain solution is good at solving problems then social media can serve as a great platform in getting in touch with you. Write a clear and interesting proposal once you connect with any of the customers. Your proposal should highlight your strengths, services and the reason why one should choose you. Apart from that you should also consider publishing a white paper on your blockchain service by showcasing the issues and explaining how you can solve it.

Find your tribe.

Blockchain public relations firms might be a new technology to deal with but there are many other existing forums that do the same. Hence you need to know what kind of people are already inclined towards such firms. To do that, you can produce fresh content. In this way enthusiastic audiences will definitely come together to learn about the same. This way a connection can be built and interacting sessions with like minded people can be held in a productive manner.

Partner with an influencer.

If you have understood the tactics of social media and want to explore it more, join hands with an influencer. By using social media you can promote your business and this can be better done with the help of an influencer. Don’t worry, the influencer you choose doesn’t have to be super famous. All you need is an individual who has fair knowledge and experience about the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. You can either create a live video or interviews with them to share on their social media account. This way you can also convince their audience to give your brand a thought.

Getting started with a blockchain public relations agency is remarkable but it is important to find potential customers too. In case you need help in effective marketing, comment down below and let our professional get in touch with you!

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