Digital Marketing

3 Types of Digital Marketing Casinos Use To Attract Players

Digital marketing is a popular tool for many companies to attract new business. Casinos utilize three key types of marketing to attract new players to their platform. 

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Affiliate Marketing

Some casinos use affiliate marketing to attract more players to their online playing platforms. Affiliates could be content creators on social media or businesses affiliated with casino gaming in one way or another. 

Affiliate marketing is a business agreement between an individual or business entity and a company desiring advertising-in this case, it’s an online casino. The affiliate agrees to market the online casino by what’s outlined in the agreement in return for onboarding new players to the platform. 

This information can be tracked by new players signing up on the platform for a new account using the affiliate’s specially assigned link. Besides just signing up for the platform, the player may also have to make a deposit and a minimum bet on a game for the affiliate to qualify for a percentage bonus. These guidelines would be based on the affiliate marketing agreement. 

Content Marketing

Casinos utilize content marketing as another way to onboard new players. The content could be different types of media such as blog posts, videos, or social media updates (more on that in the next section). 

Blog Posting

Blog posts are best written with search engine optimization. This means the blog uses different search terms and phrases that make it easier for new players to find your content when utilizing a search engine for their casino gaming needs. 

Video Posts

Videos can be 30-second advertisements on the casino’s YouTube page or another social media platform that allows them to post short-form digital media. It can be a demonstration of a newly released casino game. Maybe it’s an affiliate marketer discussing their review of specific casino games on the platform. 

Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing has evolved in recent years to include a variety of media and avenues for reaching a broader audience. Besides social media updates for casinos to advertise their bonuses and promotions on followers’ social media news feeds, they can attract more potential players to sign up by posting digital media. 

The Emergence Of the Ever-Popular Social Media Reels

Facebook Reels were released in September 2021 while Instagram started letting account holders post reels a year earlier in August 2020. Scrolling through social media reels can get pretty addicting. 

If someone is interested in regularly viewing casino content, as long as you have popular hashtags for your reels, then new potential players could notice the platform’s video content. Viewers can learn the information better by watching a video than by reading a text-based post with an image. 

Text Posts Make Great Reminders

While video posts are the most popular for gaining followers, casinos still do text posts as reminders about their bonuses and promotions. They want players to take advantage of these deals as much as they can to encourage increased play and bet placement. 

Posting at least three times-the initial post, the first reminder, and the second reminder-can help remind social media followers to take advantage of the bonus or promotion before it expires. Plus, regularly rotating bonuses for new players can keep new followers engaged and willing to try out your platform. 

What Type of Marketing Is the Best for Casinos? 

Content marketing is the most popular for attracting new players to casino platforms, especially when posting video content. However, all forms work cohesively for casinos to be financially successful.