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3 Things To Know About Purchasing a Shelf Company in BC

A seasoned shelf company is known to save significant time and money. Setting up a corporation includes securing assets, accessing contracts, lease agreements etc. But when you buy a shelf company for sale in British Columbia things are easy peasy.

Aged Shelf Company

An aged shelf company is formed and then placed to age. Not exactly like a wine truck that is family kept to mature and improve over time. But an aged shelf company is the one that has no activity beyond the maintenance of state fees. And only this is what keeps the company in good standing during its time on the shelf. A true shelf corporation will have no employee identification number, assets or liabilities, bank account, trade lunes or even corporate edits. It would be the one that has a seasoned value of time.


Purchasing a shelf company in BC has to be more about your convenience. If you are someone who has no time to create a new company then buying an aged shelf company is the right option to go for. It is just a matter of a few hours to obtain a shelf company one you get a good vendor. At the same time, forming a corporation from the scratch is what varies from state to state. It takes processing time varying from 3 days to 3 weeks. And please know that this is a faster turnaround time than before because earlier there were situations when it used to take even more time for purchasing a real estate or settling a real estate.

Benefit in time

The older shelf company comes with a stamped date that adds perception of longevity in the marketplace. When a company is acknowledged as old, its credibility increases in the appearance of corporate history. This is what enhances the company’s ability to place itself in assessment and obtaining leasing agreements. Even if you are a contractor who has been a sole proprietor for years but now wants to incorporate, choosing an aged shelf company that corresponds to the actual age of the company is best. You will be assured high levels of privacy and protection in an aged shelf company. It is so bracuse the oldder company tends to assert an individual’s right to privacy really well.

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