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20 Small Tattoo Ideas that Are Head Turners

If you have not been living under the rock, then you know about tattoo trends. They have been popular for quite some time, and now that emo and grunge looks are coming back, people are even more enthralled to get them – starting from celebrities to all extraordinary people who have tattoos. And we are sure that you want some too or else why would you be here?

So here we, the paper help has suggested some tattoo ideas for you, which are small and basic. If you are a beginner, then why not try out with small tattoos? And if you are bored of the huge ones and need a change, keep on reading because we have some fantastic tattoo ideas in store for you.

  1. Small heartbeat

If you are a fan of small and epic tattoos, you have to try out small heartbeat tattoos. Small ankle tattoos of heartbeat or small female chest tattoos of heartbeat look pretty captivating. This atom never goes out of style, no matter where you get it on your body.

  1. Moon tattoos

Moon tattoos are fascinating small forearm tattoos for females. You can either go for a small single moon or get multiple small tattoos of different phases of the moon.

  1. Birds flying at the back of the neck

This tattoo is a great tattoo idea for free-spirited people. Birds at the back of the neck look like a liberating sign and look quite attractive when girls tie a bun.

  1. Block letters

If you want small tattoos with deep meaning, you can get a specific name or memorable phrases that hold deep meaning for you. Getting them in block letters makes them look more meaningful and unique.

  1. Quotes on fingers

In case you want to try out with fancy tattoos, then why not get them on your fingers? You can get any sign, symbol, or name of someone specific. No matter what, getting tattoos on fingers is always classy.

  1. Tattoos on the collarbone

Next, again, we have another specific body part that looks great with tattoos: the collarbone. No matter how small a tattoo you get. We have never seen any collarbone tattoo which looks terrible.

  1. Tiny heart tattoo

Getting tiny heart tattoos is an excellent idea for beginners. However, if you want a small tattoo that still looks cute, this is for you. Cute small wrist tattoos of a heart never fail to get compliments.

  1. Couple of initials

Meaningful tattoos are always a good idea. What can be more significant than getting a couple of initials on your body? If you do not want to try out extensive tattoos, just getting initials looks classy and does the job for you.

  1. Semicolon tattoos

Semicolon tattoos stand for life goes on. It means that your story is still left and is suitable for people who have big dreams. A semicolon in itself is very small, and getting it as a tattoo that holds such a beautiful meaning is always a good idea.

  1. Butterfly tattoos

If you are free-spirited, then you can get butterfly tattoos. The butterfly symbolizes independence and liberty, and having it on your body will always motivate you to be as free as a butterfly. Small ankle tattoos of butterflies are beautiful to get inked.

  1. Small waves

Getting small waves is another great idea for beginners. It is a sign of how extensive your life is and how limitless you are. Getting waves tattoo in white ink is a classic.

  1. Zodiac signs

If you are a fan of astrology and deeply believe in it, then why not get a sign of it inked on your body? You can get your sign in small size to remind yourself of the traits you have.

  1. Special dates

Getting inked of special dates is pretty standard. They are small, hold meaning, and are something you would like to remember for the rest of your life.

14. Rose tattoos

A simple rose tattoo is a pretty popular small forearm tattoo for females. However, if you are experimental and clueless about getting a tattoo, you can go with a basic rose tattoo. 

15.Multiple small sunflowers

If you loved our previous tattoo idea, then getting sunflower tattoos is next for you. You can either get one little small sunflower or multiple small sunflowers at the back of your neck, hands, or even your waist.

16. Infinity sign

The infinity sign represents the endlessness of anything. That can be beauty, power, love, spirituality, and balance. If you are up for any of that, then small infinity tattoos will reflect your personality.

17. Evil eye tattoo

If you want to protect yourself from evilness or are highly spiritual, small evil eye tattoos will be your first choice. They look calming and hold a beautiful meaning which is undeniably spectacular to look at.

18. Smiley tattoos

If you are looking for twinning with someone, then smiley tattoos can be your thing. Small smiley tattoos are simple, do not require much labor, and never fill with cheering anyone up.

19. Fame tattoos

Flame tattoos signify the burning spirit of your body. If you want to try out something complex, then a flaming sign is a small yet not very simple design for beginners.

20. Diamond tattoos

And finally, our last tattoo idea is a diamond tattoo. Diamonds are timeless. And if you love all things glittery and shiny the why get shy in sharing them?

These are some popular small tattoos with significant meanings. If you want your first ink to be something meaningful, then these female side wrist tattoos ideas are the ones for you.

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