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Top 10 Trending Sunglasses Brands in the World

Sunglasses are not just to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and dust particles. Nowadays, sunglasses are considered much more than that. These are more of a fashion accessory for many people. Sunglasses are a trendsetter and without a pair of sunglasses, you will feel incomplete.

A pair of sunglasses can complete your expensive outfit. The sunglasses are a combination of impeccable craftsmanship, durable materials and high-quality lenses that offer you 100% protection from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. There are lots of high-end sunglasses brands that are present in the market and it is not an easy task to choose the perfect sunglasses for yourself.  Good quality, design, and affordability are some of the factors that came to our minds while spending money on sunglasses.

Here is the list of leading Glasses brands you can choose from:

  1. Ray-Ban: Ray-Ban does not need any introduction. The luxurious brand was launched by the Bausch & Lomb company.  Wayfarer and Aviator are two of the most famous products of the company. All the frames and lenses are available in many shapes and sizes.
  1. Burberry: It is a British fashion brand that has been dealing with trench coats, leather goods, footwear, fashion accessories, eyewear, fragrances, and cosmetics since 1856.  The products of this brand are made with elegance and sophistication. It contains a British fashion sense in it.
  1. Tom Ford: The American fashion brand is relatively new in the fashion industry. Still, it has created a huge base among the users since its inception in 2005. This brand is famous for its big and chunky eyewear products. The aviator, cat-eye and wraparound styles of Tom Fords are in high demand.
  1. Prada: It is an Italian luxury fashion house. It deals in leather handbags, travel accessories, shoes, ready-to-wear, perfumes and other fashion accessories.  The Prada brand defines sophistication and style with its butterfly, cat-eye and oval frames.
  1. Versace: These sunglasses help you in making bold statements with your looks.  The brand is known for making bold and sharp prints along with intricate designs. It is an Italian luxury fashion company founded by  Gianni Versace in 1978.
  1. Gucci: Here is one more Italian luxury fashion house from Florence, Italy and it sells handbags, ready-to-wear, footwear, and accessories, makeup, fragrances, and home decoration. It is a hundred year old fashion brand and it is still going strong.
  1. Persol: Luxottica owns the Italian glasses brand Persol. Persol is one of the oldest sunglasses brands. It was introduced in 1917. Hallmark yellow-brown lenses are the most notable and famous product of the brand.
  1. Moscot: It is one of the few popular American brands. The Moscot company was founded by Hyman Moscot in 1915. All the subtle and classic looking sunglasses are high quality products.
  1. Karen Walker: It is a New Zealand based company. All the products of the company are funky sunglasses as they have some fun sides with vibrant colours.
  1.  Celine:  It is a French fashion brand. They make big and chunky sunglasses. These sunglasses are extremely famous among celebrities.

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