Bike Pulsar NS 200

Things You Need to Know About The Best Traveling Bike Pulsar NS 200

Bike riders are picky about their mount and scrutinise the specifications and features of the bikes in detail before making their choice. There are many factors that influence their decision and some of those are the configuration of the engine, mileage, on-road performance and of course, the price.

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 is a powerful motorbike for those who love to ride. It is perceived as value for money by its users and loved for its appearance and performance alike. It is a good bike for use within the city as well as for long drives on the highway. If you are looking for a bike, the NS 2000 must be on your consideration list as it has been appreciated by many for its engine, its features and its price. When compared to similar bikes, it is considered a leader

What Is Special About Its Engine?

Pulsar NS 200 gets its power from a single-cylinder engine, It is a 4-stroke, SOHC 4-valve, liquid-cooled engine with triple spark ignition. The DTSi engine complies with the emission norms set out by BS-VI. With a displacement of 199.5 cc, it packs maximum power amounting to 18KW @9750 RPM. Its maximum torque at 8000 RPM is 18.5Nm.

What Are Some of Its Interesting Features?

Originally, the bike was launched as 200NS, which was discontinued and relaunched as NS 200, where NS stands for Naked Sport. The latest version of the bike is available in multiple colour schemes including black, grey, blue, white and red. The console provides detailed information that is easy to read and looks good too. The headlamp of the bike is designed to always stay on – this feature is a standard in all bikes of this kind and was a must. Its height of 1-75 mm is one of its most favoured characteristics as it is primarily responsible for its look. It is fitted with a silencer that helps to reduce the noise levels.

What Are the Safety Features in the Bike?

The braking system of the bike includes single-channel ABS brakes with 300mm front disc brakes and 230 mm rear disc ones for high levels of safety when braking on a surface of any kind. This is a new feature of the bike as ABS was not available in the model when it was relaunched in 2017. The 100/80-17 52P tubeless tyres in the front and 130/70-17/62 P tubeless ones at the back provide a good grip on the road and make the riders feel safe on all roads. 

How Does It Rate on the Pricing Aspect? 

The Pulsar NS 200 is available for an ex-showroom price of ₹1.28 lakhs. The price falls towards the higher end of the Bajaj bikes price list but it is truly worth it.  The purchase of the bike can be made easier with a 100% auto loan. The EMIs will make it easier to manage the cost by splitting it over a few months. The bike is also easy on the pocket when it comes to the maintenance part and the stress will not be too high if you buy it. 

How Is It Better Than Competition?

When compared to other bikes in the same category, the bike is seen to pack more power and thrill to the ride. The bike is good looking, aggressively powerful, has good pick-up and is better value for money. One can ride this bile in all terrains; you can ride it in the traffic conditions as well but it is best enjoyed when riding on open roads. It does not heat up. As per the users of the bike, it is certainly the best for the price in its category. 

The NS 200 has evolved since its relaunch and has only become better since then. It has been fitted with superior design elements and a powerful engine. These are the two key features that riders and the spectators appreciate. 

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