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Style to Perfection with Breitling Watches

Breitling is one of the top Swiss luxury watchmakers in the world. Moreover, they offer a selection of high-quality and elegant timepieces that is sure to fill your every need. Furthermore, from piloting the skies to exploring the deep to a formal ball, and even to a casual errand, Breitling has what you need.

This company has surely been through the ages; founded in 1884 by Leon Breitling, this company has stayed true to its commitment to quality, functionality, and beauty since 1884. They have earned their reputation as watchmaking giants in the watch industry through years of dedication and hard work.

It goes without saying that having a watch can either make or break your outfit. As such, we have taken the task to list down five Breitling watches that will make you look stunning all throughout the day. In addition, we included watches for their aesthetic appeal. 

Premier Automatic 40 Stainless Steel-Silver

This model is a testament to the beauty of Breitling watches and their timeless designs. Of course, nothing is as classy as black alligator leather straps on a stainless steel case, but the silver dial adds a sense of elegance to it. With the right outfit, you can go casual or formal with this timepiece. A descendant of the first premier, one can quickly see how this piece upholds its ancestor’s reputation.

With the Breitling 37 caliber running it, this stylish watch is accurate as well. In addition, it has a 38-hour power reserve and water resistance of up to 100 meters. Built for style and pleasure, you can take this watch with you anywhere you want and look good all the time, all thanks to the versatility that the watch’s design gives.

SuperOcean Heritage B20 Automatic 42 Stainless Steel and 18k Red Gold-Black

Here is a bold and handsome watch for those who are just as bold and dashing. This watch sports a beautiful black and red gold color palette giving this piece that regal and sophisticated look. The black dial and black bezel with red gold elements really pop from the stainless steel and rubber, making it a striking watch. In addition, the rubber straps add a sense of sportiness to them.

This watch is precise and accurate, thanks to the Breitling B20 caliber running it. Being a sporty watch, it is expected to withstand numerous situations. As such, this watch has a water resistance of up to 200 meters and a 70-hour power reserve. This bold piece shies away from absolutely nothing, whether it be a date in the middle of the night or a party on the waters.

Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Stainless Steel-Anthracite

Here is a timepiece that is confident all throughout. This watch is sharp and chic, thanks to that beautiful silver color palette. In addition, the anthracite dial adds a sense of sophistication and maturity to the watch. The watch is bound to make you look stunning. This watch can be worn to most events but particularly to formal events.

The Breitling 01 caliber runs this beauty, so you can trust that this watch is exact with its timekeeping. It has 100-meter water resistance and a power reserve of approximately 70 hours. Look absolutely dashing without any worry for your timepiece since this watch is designed to make you look good no matter the occasion.

Super Chronomat 44 Four-Year Calendar Stainless Steel and 18k Red Gold-Blue

This watch is a statement all by itself. The way the red gold complements the blue in the watch, with silver being the neutral ground, is absolutely stunning. Finally, the four-year calendar found in the watch’s face is bound to make everyone in the room look twice because of its sophistication and elegance.

Efficient in looking handsome and keeping time, the Breitling 19 caliber runs this timepiece. In addition, a 100-meter water resistance and a 42-hour power reserve ensure you can trust this watch to be functional anytime and anywhere. 


Breitling has watches for a casual date, a formal meeting, or even a professional trip around the globe! No matter the model you choose, you can always expect it to be high-quality, stylish, practical, and luxurious. With a variety of models, styles, colors, and materials to choose from, you can always have the perfect timekeeper on your wrist.

Explore and know the difference what Breitling Watches can give. Not just with your fashion style but your whole personality. Investing in Breitling will never make you regret it because the legendary timepiece can pass down to other generations.

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