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5 Features That You Get After Adding Shopping Cart To Your Website

Adding a shopping cart to your website is a great thing to do. Today, there is a lot of competition when it comes to the eCommerce industry. And going along the trends is something that can keep you at the top. One such trend/ need of the hour is shopping cart integration with the existing website. Here are some features that you get when you do so.

Product Images

Most of the online platforms allow you to add images but not every platform allows you to put high quality images. When you add eCommerce to an existing website, you get to add product images that are of high quality, can be resized well and has a better display. Customers want to see clearly what they are buying and for that they need to have a clear picture of the product on the screen. Hence you will have to make it large enough for the customers to see it clearly without letting it take over the whole design of the page.

Search Engine Friendly

When you set up a shopping cart for the existing website, your marketing plan will be a step ahead of the game. This is because that way your product images will be commerce enabled. Hence making your site easily indexed in all the search engines. The customers will be able to find you easily.

Product Reviews

The next feature you get is product reviews. When a website has reviews people easily trust it. Same is the story with product reviews. When there are product reviews on the shopping site, people find it easy to believe. It shows how good the product and brand is. A product that has dozens of top rated customers reviews will be an easy choice for the buyer. It will easily convince the customers to purchase.

Coupons and Discounts

You can now have coupons and discounts by simply adding carts to the existing website. Coupons are not just for grocery stores but for your website too. And this can be well experienced by adding a shopping cart. Discounts and coupons basically allow you to expand your customer base. People these days are inclined towards saving every single penny and why not. After all, who doesn’t want to save their hard earned money. So make sure you look for such a feature that helps you increase your customer base and helps your beard grow.

Integration with Other Business Tools

Sellers that have large sales volumes need many other business tools. And shopping cart integration with existing websites can make you do that. Tools help you to interface your online shopping cart in the right way to perform various programs like accounting. In case you are planning for some strong email marketing then again this will help you execute that well. Finding a shopping cart plugin is worthwhile as it easily interfaces with e-marketing platforms too.

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