Private Primary Schools in Singapore

How to Prepare Your Child For Private Primary Schools in Singapore

Educating your child even before they go to school plays a vital role in their mental development. Their education starts right from the moment they are born. Teaching them to talk, walk, hold your hand, eat by themselves, and express their emotions comes as part of their early education. It is also important to prepare them for primary school so that they are able to survive without you being by their side. There are a bunch of things they will need to deal with on their own. From making new friends, talking to the teachers, understanding what they are taught to buying food for themselves, there is a lot that you need to prepare them for. So before you admit your little one to the private primary school in Singapore, note the things you need to prepare them for. 

  1. Talk about your school choice

Before your child goes to the school you have chosen, you must weigh some factors. There are a bunch of things that decide whether your kid should go to that school or not. They should feel comfortable there; the environment should be friendly. You and your partner should get a sense of what the culture is like. 

You can talk to parents and share their experiences. Through conversations, you can get assurance about the school choice. You will also be able to make sure that the environment in the school matches your kid’s personality and inclinations. 

  1. Introduce your kid to school going children

One way to prepare your kid for the challenges of environmental change they are going to face is to point out the children in uniform. You can talk to your kid about it and have a conversation. 

Give an example to your kid about the other children going to school and make them observe how the other students are dealing with the change. Through these short conversations, you will be able to introduce your kid to the lifestyle of being in primary school. They will learn to become independent and be ready to attend their future international primary schools in Singapore. 

  1. Explain what being in a school feels like

Talk to your children about how school life is like on a regular day. For example, you can talk to them about recess when they have to eat, drink, and go to the toilet. You can also tell them about the bookshop and the books they will need in the school. 

Also share how the class time is for studying, learning, and grasping new things. Emphasize the importance of listening to what the teacher is teaching. Also, teach them not to get distracted by other things. It is crucial to teach them how to ask questions or doubts from their teacher. 

Private primary schools in Singapore have thousands of students and have a large number of students in a class. You should teach your kids to speak among a large number of students. 

  1. Involve your child in purchasing items for school

You should bring along your kid to buy their books, stationery, and uniforms. It might be overwhelming for them for the first time, but they will get an idea of how to purchase anything when they are on their own. 

By introducing them to different books and items, they can learn and have a sense of various textbooks, activity books, and writing books. This will help them understand what the teacher was talking about in school. 

  1. Talk about making new friends.

In the beginning, your child may not be used to being around new people. They may miss you and their pre-school friends a lot. But make them feel comfortable about their sadness and let them know that they can make new good friends at their new private primary school in Singapore. Let them know that they can even meet their old friends in the future. Talk to them about making new friends with a gentle voice. 

Training your little one to go to primary school is not only limited to the time they join the school. Learning is dynamic, and you can keep teaching them about the things they go through any time. You can polish their skills every day from little habits like catching the school bus to jotting down their homework. 

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