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How To Choose The Best Fine Art Shipping Company in NYC?

Packing and moving is one of the most stressful events that can happen in life. And this needs no explanation. You need to pack all your belongings, find a reliable moving company and then unpack all of it at a new pace. And in case your belongings involve expensive fine art items then nothing but only professional fine art shippers can save you and your stuff. This is because when it comes sto shipping fine art, every detail matters. How will all your art pieces get packed to ensure their condition during the time of delivery? There is a look that needs to be looked after. So as you start looking for fine art shipping companies in NYC, ask them the following questions—

  • What art packing and cushioning materials do they use?
  • Do they use wooden crates for shipping?
  • Do they provide art insurance coverage?
  • Are their employees experienced?

After you are done asking these questions, you should also consider the following qualities to choose the right shipping company.


The company should have a good reputation in the industry. As you start looking for fine art shipping companies you will find many companies in NYC which offer similar services. But an important thing to note is whether the company is reliable. Choose the company on the basis of its ratings and reviews. Because that’s how you will get to know about the quality of services offered by the company. It is highly recommended to read about the company before you hand over your precious belongings to them.

Type of art

Another important consideration for choosing the right fine art shipping company is to know what type of art they specialise in. Not every shipping company ships fine art. So before you choose a shipping company you need to ensure by providing all the details about the package, its material, value, weight etc. This data will help shippers to estimate the cost of service and determine if they can ship the artwork with all the care it requires.

Quality packaging

Next thing to think of is the quality of packaging. As you know, the fine art item that you wish to ship from one place to another is expensive, antique and important. You can not hand it over to anyone just for the sake of getting it shipped. A reliable fine art shipping company would understand the value of using high quality packaging material for transporting the fragile item. Therefore you may make sure by asking the company about their packaging materials.

Custom crates

Lastly, not all items fit in one size crate. Hence a fine art shipping company must customise crates for your fine art as per the size and weight of the item. So before you choose a company, consult about the custom packing services and crates they would use.

In case you are looking for fine art shipping in NYC, Arrow Express is one of the best companies that you should consider.  The experienced handlers in the company understand the value of each art piece and ensure safety throughout the shipping process.

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