How to Brew the Best Coffee Beans?

It is no longer news that a cup of coffee every morning can help set you in an excellent mood for the day. But what happens when the coffee shops do not open? Now you see that relying on your local coffee shops or makers may not be the best option for you. 

We have an idea, though; how about brewing your cup of coffee yourself? Depending on the quantity you consume, it might be an excellent way to save you some cash. You can check the coffee info hub to learn about some of the best brands that are most sought after and affordable. 

We believe that coffee trends is personal, and the right way to go is to make it just the way you like it. It is also easier than many people think. There are simple factors to consider, like storing the coffee beans correctly and using good filters to eliminate unwanted bitterness or sour flavors.

Whether your brew is bought from a supermarket blend that uses a drip coffee maker or it is made from estate-grown beans and a good brew process, you should enjoy your cup just the way you love it.

How Does One Brew Coffee?

There are three predominant methods for making a cup at home. The people’s favorite has always been the classic drip machine. However, the pour-over is gradually gaining more popularity, and the French press is not far behind. In this write-up, we will delve into how one can brew coffee with these methods in relatively easy steps;


This is arguably the best way to make aromatic and delicious cups because they will not disappoint you. How do you make this?

  • Boil a cup of water.
  • Grind the whole beans to a uniform consistency, just like granulated salt.
  • Insert a filter in your brewer and rinse it with hot water to remove any residue from the previous activity. It also warms up your brewer to keep the coffee hot for an extended period. Remove the water that was used to rinse.
  • Make sure the ground surface is level. When the water gets to temperatures between 195 degrees F to 205 degrees F, steadily and slowly pour water over it to saturate them, starting from the center and working your way outward.
  • Stop pouring once the drink starts to drip. This is called “bloom pour,” or allowing the brew to gas out a bit.
  • Pour the remaining water slowly, maintaining a consistent level of water in your dripper. This should take only three to four minutes.
  • Remove the filter carefully, and your cup is ready.

French Press


This is more popular with the Europeans. If you are one, you might want to pay closer attention to these steps;

  • Boil the water in your kettle.
  • Grind the beans consistently, but it may be coarser than what is needed for pour-over. Ensure the grounds are uniform in size, without so much fine grit, and add to your French press.
  • With the water between 195 degrees F ad 205 degrees F, add to the French press and stir consistently for about four minutes.
  • Separate the coffee grounds by slowly plunging the press.
  • Your cup is ready to be served and enjoyed. You should note that if you are not prepared to drink your cup immediately, you should not leave the liquid in the French press. This is because it will continue to sit and become bitterer. Instead, transfer to a carafe for later consumption. You can check here for more on the French press. 


Whenever you are in a rush or want to make a drink for about twelve people at once, nothing beats the efficiency and simplicity of the drip coffee maker. Depending on the type of machine you use, the number of cups may vary. How is it done?

  • As usual, you need to grind the beans to have the form of regular salt if you are using whole beans.
  • Transfer the product to a filter basket that is filter-lined, and put it into the drip machine.
  • Pour some clean water into the machine’s back, not over the grounded substance, and turn on your machine.
  • Once the machine is done brewing, you can tell because it will stop producing bubbles. Turn off your machine immediately to avoid a burnt taste.
  • You need to maintain your machine by cleaning at least once a month with a solution of vinegar and water to eliminate any residue build-up. This link has more on cleaning your brewing machines. 

Final Note

You deserve the best in life, which should apply to even your cup of coffee. Using any of these methods and be sure to enjoy the great and nourishing taste of coffee today.

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