Truck insurance coverage

Everything You Need To Know About Truck Insurance Coverage

Truck insurance coverage is the type of insurance that covers the trucks which carry goods from one place to another. From raw material to finished products, these trucks are known to transport all. As it involves long distance travelling and continuous functioning of the vehicles, insurance is a must. Moreover, because these trucks are exposed to infinite risks involving road accidents, natural disasters and any wear and tear, truck insurance coverage has become the need of the hour. The basic motive of the commercial truck insurance is to provide the assurance of uninterrupted services and smooth travels without any unexpected costs. With that being said, here are the few areas which generally fall under truck insurance coverage.

  • The truck should include transportation of building material.
  • It might be a moving company.
  • The truck transportation can include automotive or container hauling.
  • It could be livestock movement.
  • Transportation of sand and gravel.
  • Delivery of furniture, grocery, food etc.
  • Restaurant supplies or any general freight.

Types Of Truck Insurance Policy

Package Policy

Package policy under the truck insurance coverage is responsible for taking care of any loss or damage of the truck. May it be due to accidents or thefts, if there is any physical damage caused to the truck, the insurance will be covering it all. The package policy is also known to include the third party liability insurance for every vehicle owner.

Liability Only Policy

As the name suggests, liability only policy is responsible for covering injuries, property damage and all sorts of damages caused during the travelling. The policy also includes personal accident cover for the owner as well as driver.

Features Of Truck Insurance Policy

Every truck is used to carry different things. Some carry raw materials while others carry finished goods. There are few trucks that carry garbage and some others that carry eatables. So basically there are several types of services that are performed through the transportation of trucks. When we talk about the coverage that is performed by truck insurance, it depends on various factors. Truck insurance coverage is determined and calculated by the amount of functions that are performed by the vehicle, distance covered by the vehicle every year and whatever they haul. These are the three primary things which help in determination of the coverage for truck insurance. Therefore whatever type of insurance you choose for your truck, make sure it covers all your liabilities.

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