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Customize Your Tools With Engraved Folding Knives

everyone loves a little personalized action, especially when it comes to the tools that you carry every day. There is much to be anticipated about exciting customized tools that can add a little personal touch. One of the things that are fun and convenient to get engraved is knives. It helps to have your initials or symbols carved into them for safekeeping. And it would be unfair to assume they don’t look pretty cool as well. There is a whole branch of knives that is made especially for engraving with special handles and metals. You can choose to add a little something to either of the things to personalize them. Since you will use them every day, engraved folding knives are a luxury to have.

There are also some real benefits to having a good quality engraved pocket knife. It will stay on your person and can add some style to something you carry around all day. It would also be harder to lose if you have a special mark on it. Other than keeping them as personal possessions, they can also become a viable business. You can sell custom engraved knives to people who want to personalize their tools as well. Whatever the case may be there is a lot to be said and done about why engraved knives are a good idea. 

Collection Worthy Knives At Your Disposal

The real point of attraction behind engraved knives is that they appear more personal. An engraved knife would imply either the handles or the blades with special symbols or letters. Be it names, logos, emblems or something else, it’s a creative way to add an extra element to the blade. For those of you who are into collecting weapons, especially knives, there’s much to be excited about. You can show off a little bit of who you are in something that is a tool and a weapon all in one. 

Anything that can be engraved can be passed down generations as an heirloom and can be valuable. But even if you do it just for yourself it adds a little something to your collectible items. Everyone wants to have a few unique knives in their arsenal, and this is a good way to do it. There are options to either get some pre-engraved blades or get some made with special markings. Either ways, you will have a more diverse collection if you get a few engraved pieces in there. You can take any simply designed knife and turn it into something special for you to use.

What Kind Of Knives Are Good For Engraving?

The question of quality and material is important when you think about getting anything engraved. It needs to endure pressure and have enough grit to stay classy despite the change. 

  • Ideally, any kind of knife that has a high-quality wood handle would work really well. Pakkawood, oak or something similar will yield better results and look really classy with a little engraving. 
  • Similarly, if you are looking to customize a blade, a good steel blade will be the best option. The range is limitless, as everything from a sword to a pocket knife can be engraved successfully. 
  • Pocket knives are easier to customize and sell as people use them more and like to collect them. They are usable every day and they adding a little extra to them will keep them distinct as well.
  • The choice of knife is really up to the user and their daily utility. A folding knife is a good blade to customize as it can be doubly enhanced with a design.

Cool Knives To Get For Collection And Engraving 

You can always search a little and find multiple tools to customize and collect to your heart’s content. In many cases knives are the ideal candidates for collectibles because they are small and manageable. They already have a reputation for being badass and multifunctional so they suit the process. If you are into collecting unique knives, there are some pieces that are perfect for it.

  • It’s hard to go wrong with a good classic black number, especially in knives. The Mtech 6.6 Inch Black Pakkawood Spring Assisted Knife is the best blade for you. It has a beautiful steel etched blade as well as sombre black pakkawood handle. This is the quintessential everyday carry knife with a little design element you need. 
  • Pocket knives are already one of the most useful tools out there for anybody. They can do so many different things and are so convenient to take wherever you go. If you want a simple yet handy knife, get the Bottle Opener Pakkawood Handle Pocket Knife. Its contrasting design with brown handle and steel details makes it an eye-catcher. It also comes with a bottle opener and a frame lock so it’s convenient and safe for everyday use. 
  • For those of you who are serious knife lovers, something a little wilder would work. So you can opt for a Mtech Tactical Double Edge Fixed Blade Knife. It has a two-tone black blade as well as a black pakkawood handle. There is nothing cooler than an all-black knife; add a little engraved action and it’s a dream blade. It is the perfect knife for all outdoor action like camping, hunting and survival training. This is the classic tough blade for the toughest guy.

Best Pocket Knife In The United States

If there is one tool and weapon that’s abundantly available in America, it’s pocket knives. Everyone has something or the other they can do with them and they look so cool. It might be hard to pin down just one knife that’s the best choice, and that’s the great part. You can choose from so many different kinds of pocket knives that can suit your personal taste. While it might be hard to pick just one knife, it’s not hard to pick the best knife store for you. 

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